CymcoLè represents every Multi-Cultural, Latina‐American female of Hispanic descent that has grown up in the states. Growing up in a household where both Spanish and English were spoken, whether it was her Cuban Nanny singing lullaby’s to her as an infant or singing along with Marc Anthony (Nadie Como Ella, Te Conozco Bien) as a toddler, music has always been a major part of CymcoLé’s upbringing.

With a blend of Merengue, Pop, and Soul she has create her own style of Latin Music. In an interview with Danny Flores (CymcoLè’s Producer) he stated: “Her looks and swag creates an energy unlike any other artist I have worked with”. Her tropical pop sound represents music of the people for the people. With smooth vocals highlighting low registers and impactful bi-lingual lyrical phrasing, CymcoLé’s music connects with fans on many different levels. A musician herself, CymcoLé is bringing back merengue in a unique way of combining today's popular electronic dance beats with traditional live instrumentation. Doing it all with a swag and energy as unique as her name.


CymcoLè performance in Puerto Rico was very memorable being that she performed her original song ”Cerca De Mi". While in Brazil, she is making headlines blazing up the music charts. Her single titled "Bring on the Nite", has become an online, radio and night club anthem across the country, giving her a large fan base which is quickly growing throughout South America. As a result of her success, plans to release her music are being made in Europe.

In her personal life, CymcoLè is one of the country’s most outstanding Lacrosse players. Her skills as an athlete and performer aren’t just a chance of luck, for her DNA is tied to one of Major League Baseball's greatest hall of fame shortstops, her father, Barry Larkin.

With over 2,000,000 views on YouTube, featured on and currently working with some of today's most talented producers & writers such as Ali Pierre, Gerry Williams, Mister Jam, DJ Saint Paul and Danny Flores.